It is without doubt the most popular and desired in dogs company. His small size and its lively and playful, nature and its beauty, explain this popularity. At least in Spain is race raised.

   As respondent being an indiscriminate breeding occurred, only breeds because sold and this has produced a wide variety of types, sizes, characters, etc.

  Often heard that there are three sizes of yorkshires, this is not certain technically speaking: the standard of the breed said that the yorky weigh up to 3,700 kg and therefore everything that does not pass this would come in the size marking the standard. What happens is that you as the public demand very small dogs (of 1.5 to 2 kg as much) breeders are by choosing increasingly more these last sizes.

Not should be obsessed with the weight (sometimes seems that we are talking about ham) (york instead of a dog, both speak of grams). The important thing is that the dog is small to view but has a little bone substance.Many times they are very little ones yokshires, Yes, but malformed, with arched backs and aspect of dwarfism. The dog must above all be well done to be a living being healthy

   We also see variability in the COLOR. The color must be steel body and fire head and the legs. Therefore, would be those default both very black as a gray very clear.

   In the hair should be abundant. If it is careful must reach the ground on all sides. The head would have to take a small bow to that they are not goal by eyes. The texture is silky

   Isn't difficult care only requires perseverance: a bathroom every 7-10 days, according to then, using a good conditioner to moisturize it and avoid life making knots.

   To improve its expression to the bow part should be shaving ears. This It is appropriate to do so from a very young so that do not have the weight of the hair and can lift them more easily

   It is also good to cut the hair around the ass for that this more clean


    Despite its size are character dogs and many show much genius. By This is something that educate them with great affection but firmly, not consenting them do you not want to do. Many owners are laughing of their antics When they are puppies but then complain about their behaviour of adults

   Hygienic education sometimes costs work in this race. Being so small useful getting used them to do things in newsprint, but this does not become accustomed to retain and to then do constantly. If you are can is preferable to getting used them to leave several times a day on the street


Are very voracious for its size. In very small dogs (those of) (older will weigh 1-1, 5 kg) must be very careful of puppies that always have food available that are prone to sugar than downhill If not perceive them could kill. This is useful, as prevention give honey, condensed milk or water with sugar at night or when they are going to lose sight of for a few hours.

     Part of the feed can eat everything. Comes Les very well, especially from puppies, quesitos, canned sardines... all in small portions clear