- Head
Small and rather flat, skull not too prominent or cleared and snout not too long.

- Eyes
Of so large means and dark, the edge of the eyelids is dark.

- Ears
Small, in form of V and raised, not too separated. its color is gilded uniform.

- Body
Compact and fornido. Elegant neck, ribs moderately bent.

- Members
Round rectums, feet and black nails.

- Tail
Estila to cut it until an average length, takes a more discharge little than the line of the back. Abundant hair, of blue color darker than the rest of the body.

- Hair
Of moderate length in the body, perfectly straight, of fine and silky texture. The hair of the head is long, of intense golden leonado. The hair hangs perfectly right to each side of the body, divided by a ray that extends from the nose to the end of the tail, the low part of the members is of gilded leonado color.

- Coat
Blue dark steel (nonblue silverplated), extends from occipucio to the base of the tail, never mixed with leonados hairs, bronze or dark. In the railing, the hair is of intense leonado color. All the leonados hairs are but dark in the nose that in means and becomes clear still more in the end, the puppies are born black, the coat turns to gray steel some months later.

- Height
Approximately 20 cm.

- Weight
Up to 3.1 kg.