We adored teckel, all of them have a special character .

Between all our dogs those that but close we have are indeed teckel.

Of the 9 races that exist we have unit of 5 of them although we are trims in the Kaninchen of short hair. Also they get passionate to us, by its character, the standard of short hair.

The race could be millenarian, if we take care of the fact that already in the antiquity they appear drawings of similar dogs to them.

The first club of the race was to deutcher teckel club, founded on 1888

Size and varieties

There are 9 races of teckel according to size and type of hair

Kaninchen size



Type of hair Cut or smooth



The size not this determined by the weight or height but by the toracico perimeter.

Up to 30 cm. They are Kaninchen (that in German means “hunter of rabbits”)

Of 30 up to 35 cm. they are miniature

But of 35 cm. considered standard, these in addition will have a maximum weight of 9 kg.

The size in the Kaninchen and miniature is often confused. When being born they register with a size because their parents are it, but soon this size can change. Some Kaninchen can vice versa happen to be miniatures and.

If we want to change the size we must hope to that it is 15 days old and go to a exhibition where the specialistic judge measures it and us she changes it.