- General appearance
Low appearance, of short leg, long but compact body; very muscular, with a bold and challenging position of head and letter expression of the face. In spite of the short length of its members in comparison with the length of its body, this limited in its mobility of troops is not clumsy nor; it is not either weak like a weasel, with the own characteristics of its race.

- Measures of proportion
The length of the body must have a harmonic relation with the height to the cross, that will be, approximately, of 1 by 1.7 up to 1,8.
The height of the ground to the point but under the chest will be of a third of the height of the ground to the cross.

- Behavior and character
Generally of good natured character, neither miedoso nor aggressive, possessor of a balanced temperament. It is characterized for being a dog of enthusiastic, perseverante and tenacious hunting, with very good sense of smell and agility.

- Head
Released and provided Vista from above and the lateral ones, diminishing gradually towards the end of the snout; nevertheless, it does not get to be pointed.

- In front
Rather flat, happening progressively with essential stop to the back of the nose, that is as well a little vaulted.

- Skull
Very pronouncing superciliary Arco. Long and narrow nasal sewer; developed nasal orifices good. Mouth great amplitude of opening, parida until the height of the eyes; it has maxilares inferior and superior very developed, as well as a complete set of teeth (42 teeth according to formulate it dental). Perfectly fitted strong eyeteeth and. The scissors set of teeth is preferable to the one of pliers. It has rigid lips that cover inferior maxilar well.

- Eyes
So large means, form oval, well separated. Of clear , energetic and friendly expression without being penetrating. The eyes of these dogs, independently of the color of their coat, have shining tonalities, from the dark reddish chestnut tree to a brown black. In the case of dogs arlequines is preferable that do not have vidriosos, perlaceos eyes or of fish; these, without embargo, are tolerated.

- Ears
Discharges, not too much towards ahead; of good size, without being exaggerated long, cleared; not without neither narrow nor pointed nor rough. They are characterized by its mobility, as well as to be beaten to the cheeks by the leading edge.

- Neck
Sufficiently long and muscular, with the affluent skin adhered to the neck, slightly curved in the nape of the neck, it frees and taken raised.

- Body
Superior line
Harmonica from of the nape of the neck, descending to grupa; slightly inclined.
Located after the high cross and happening through the dorsal vertebra, it can be straight or slightly descendent.
Lumbar region
Of sufficiently long vigorous musculatura.
Slightly inclined

pronounced affluent breastbone; so stood out that they are in you loved parts ligueras cavities.
Sight from in front, the thorax is oval, whereas from above and the lateral ones it has great capacity, which allows to the heart and to the lung a complete development; the ribs arrive well backwards.
The front part, from a lateral perspective, covers the point but under the torácica line, when the length and the angulación of paletilla (shoulder) and the chimney (forearm) are correct.
Abdominal line
Slightly dissuaded

- Tail
Of insertion not very high, taken like a continuation of the dorsal line. In the last third of the tail this allowed an insignificant curvature.

- Previous members
General characteristics
Strong Musculatura, angulada well; views from the front, the front legs are dry and straight, with strong bones enough and hands straightened towards ahead
Plastic Musculatura, paletillas long and inclined, very beaten to the thorax.
Of equal length that paletillas, located approximately in right angle with these; strong bones and good musculatura, patches to the ribs, enjoy, nevertheless, of free movement.
Neither inwards nor towards outside.
Short, but even so of such length that allows that the height from the ground to the point but under the chest of the dog is a third of the height of the ground to the cross. They must be but straight the possible thing.
Joint of antepié
The joints of antepié are but subject that those of the shoulder.
Bones of antepié
Sight of profile, this must neither too straight nor be too much inclined.
Front hands
It consists of five closely united fingers, been nauseated well, with strong pads, as well as strong but short nails. Four fingers are on the ground and the inner finger is but short.

- Later members
General characteristics
With good musculatura, in good proportion with the quarters front. Rodillas y tobillos bien angulados, patas traseras paralelas, ni muy juntas ni muy separadas.
Thigh (superior leg)
Of good length and good muscles.
Joint of the knee
Wide and vigorous, with one angulacion pronounced.
Inferior leg
It does not have to be too short, in right angle to the thigh, musculada well.

Well angulados forts and.
Back Antepié
Relatively long, articleable towards the inferior and slightly concave leg towards ahead.
Back feet
They have four together and or bent, supported fingers either totally in the strong pads.
In movement one is due to develop with soltura, comfortable step and energetic, with fort it pushes and slightly elastic a back transposition; ample step and patch to the ground. The tail, a little fallen, must be taken with harmonious prolongation of the dorsal line. During the march the front and back quarters take parallel impulse. Ahead neither they must be very closed nor to stagger, as the fingers either do not have to be nor very together nor very separated. Les detrás de Por aucuns deben les juntos muy estar de Ni, abiertos muy de Ni, vacunos de corvejones de Ni, ni patas de tonel.

- Skin
Adhered well to the body

- Short hair
Warm of the coat
Short, shining, thick and smooth in subhair, without showing no bare zone.
Fine and dense, but not too hairy. The fact that there are some long hairs in the inferior part is considered like

Reddish, red yellowish, yellow; all these with or without hair black, intermingled. Anyway he is preferable of a pure color, if either the reddish color is considered of the more value that red yellowish or the yellow one. The dogs with many intermingled black hairs are including in this group and not within the one of other colors. The white color is not desirable, but single they do not appear in isolated spots is excluded either. The nose and the nails must be preferably black; although the red ones also are you bid is preferable that does not have color.
Two-color pencil
Deep or brown black, each one with marks fire or yellows on the eyes, in lateral of the snout and the chin strap, in the inner edges of the ears, in pectoral the previous one, the inner and back parts of legs and hands, around the anus, and thence of a third until almost half of the inferior part of the tail. In case that the dogs are black, their nails and nose also will have this color, and if the dogs are of brown color, these will be of brown color. The target is not desirable, but it does not discard if single it appears as a small spots, although is preferable that the coat is not of this tonality.
Arlequín (atigrado)
The basic color is always dark (black, red gray). Irregular clear spots are preferred (nondesirable great spots). It must predominate neither the dark color nor the clear one. The color of teckel atigrado is reddish or yellowish with dark strips. The nose and the nails are of he himself color that in the unicolores and two-color pencils.
Other colors
Here all the colors nonmentioned are included previously.
Too fine and weak hair. Some zones, like the ears (skin ears), do not have to be bare, as it must not either have a too thick hair nor much amount. The tail must be of brush, neither to be bare nor to have too much hair. Black color without marks fire.

- Hard hair
With the exception of the snout, eyebrows and ears, all the body this place setting of a thick and wire coat, with subhair that this perfect one and uniformly fitted to the skin. The snout has a pronounced beard, the eyebrows very are populated, the ears have a short coat but that corporal, the almost smooth one, and the tail strong, uniform and is well stuck.
The colors predominate wild boar; by the others, it is been worth all previously described in the section of short hair.
Silky, or short or long hair; long hard, curled or waved hair. The silky hair appears mainly in the head, tail in flag, lampiño, without subhair and short hair.

- Long hair
Smooth and shining hair provided with subhair very stuck to the body, which is extended underneath the neck and in the inferior part of the body and hangs on the ears. In the later part of the legs it shows a long coat visibly but, acquiring its greater length in the inferior part of the tail, where it acquires flag form totally.
It presents/displays the same characteristics that teckel of short hair.
The presence of a length coat is considered defective uniforms that it covers all the body; waved and made bristle hair, as well as the absence of hair or flag tail that falls on the ears, like also if the one of the back goes too much in ray or if the hair of between the toes is too long.

- Height and weight
Standard Teckel: toracico perimeter of more than 35 cm.
Teckel miniature: toracico perimeter of than 30 up to 35 cm., measured more seizure in minimum age of 15 months.
Teckel kaninchen: toracico perimeter up to 30 cm., measured seizure in minimum age of 15 months.
Standard Teckel: limit maximum, about 9 kg.
All anomaly of the mentioned points previously will be considered like defect, whose valuation must keep an exact relation with the degree from the same one. In to two case of lacking P1 or the M3, this nonserious considered defect; not being thus if additionally lack by each two P1 a M3 or each one of both M3 a P1.
Serious defects
Weak aspect, too much or very little distance of the ground; body that hangs of shoulders; clumsy step and lerdo; feet twisted towards inside or outside; adduced fingers; sunk backs; carp back; risen, that is to say, when grupa this but high that the cross; too weak torácica box; delicate lumbar region; ijada stretched like galgo; fourth thin and sparing buttock of musculatura; fourth buttock or angulado bad forward; corvejones bovine or legs of barrel; vidriosos eyes in dogs that are not arlequines; coat d bad quality.
Disqualifying defects
Character or very very aggressive fear or, crossed prognatismo or enognatismo or, defective of the teeth submaxilares, loose doblamiento of the joint of the front foot, shoulders, global defects of the tail, trimmed chest, lost position audio-visual congenital,
as well as the epilépticos appearance of attack. Black color without marks fire or target with or without spots. Lack of more than a dental piece, with the exception of P1 and/or M3; without embargo, never they can lack no of the four canine ones.

- Additional note
The males must visibly show to two testicles of descended normal development good in escroto.