- Temperament/behavior.

Of character it cheers surely and of itself. It alerts, balanced although one is prudent towards the strangers.

- Head.
The head must be cover of abundant long hair that falls on the eyes; it must have an affluent beard and developed moustaches.

- Craneal Region
- Skull.
Moderately narrow, that sinks behind the eyes; it does not have completely to be flattened nor to be vaulted or to have apple form.
Frontal depression naso (Stop): medium.

- Face Region.
Trufa: black.
Snout: it must measure 4 cm. (1.5 inches) and it does not have to be square; the length of the nasal cane from the end of the nose is approximately a third of the length overall of the head, between trufa and occipucio.
Nasal cane: straight line.
Jaws/teeth: the superior incisors close just behind the inferior ones, that is to say, its bite is inverse to the bite in scissors. The incisors must be placed in a so ample and right line as it is possible. The complete set of teeth is desirable.
Eyes: of medium dark and so large color, placed towards the front and of made oval form; they do not have great and bulging, nor small and to be sunk. They do not have to show the white color of the globe in its later or inferior part.
Ears: pendants and covers of abundant flecos.
- Neck.
Hard and well been nauseated.
- Body.
Its length from the end of shoulders to the end of the rump must be greater than its height to the region de la Cruz.
Back: made level superior line.
Back: hard.
Thorax: ribs extending well backwards.
- Tail.
Of insertion high good taken on the back, but not in form “of pot handle”. Often doubled near the end. Covers of abundant flecos.

- Extremities.
- Previous Members.
Rectums and places setting of abundant hair.
Shoulders: inclined well backwards.
- Later Members.
Developed well and muscular. With good angulacion. Provided well with abundant hair.
Corvejones: sights from back, must shine parallel and not very together.
- Feet.
Round, like those of the cat, with been accustomed to plantar pads. They must be hair places setting.
- Movement.
Light and agile.

- Coat.
- Hair.
The hair of the external layer must be long, abundant, straight, of hard texture; it does not have to be woolly nor silky. It must have a moderate layer of subhair.
- Color.
Gilded, sand, honey, dark gray, slate, smoke, multicolor, black, target or brown. All these colors are equally acceptable.
- It carves.
The ideal height of the males is of 25.4 cm (10 inches); the females are slightly but small.
- Lack.
Any deviation of the criteria before mentioned must be considered as it lacks and the gravity of this considers to the degree of the deviation of the standard and its consequences on the health and the well-being of the dog.
Any dog, showing clear signals of physical abnormalitys or behavior, must be disqualified.

- Note.
The males must have two completely descended testicles of normal appearance in escroto.