Podium de Craker en ValladolidSO THAT TO HAVE A LHASA APSO

We already know that all the criadores when they speak of its races count wonders are very ready, do not stain, are ideal for the children, etc., etc. but, in serious, this case which we are going to say is the pure truth, resisted with very many people who coexist with lhasa.

All these people and our own experience agree in the same: THE BEST THING OF THE LHASA IS ITS CHARACTER. It is a very sensible dog, very of its owner, with whom almost it gets to merge. If you are calm your lhasa it will be it; if you are active, your lhasa will follow the rate to you; if you are serious, thus he will be your lhasa and if you are glad, your lhasa will be amused. Very expressive, its glance is almost human will be truth that of which they are the reincarnation of a person….

It enchants to them to pursue and to jump, but also they know to be calm in its cushion. They are reserved with the strangers, but immediately they will accept them if they are friends our. He is independent, adores its owner, but without getting to be sticky. Finally, they are sociable with its same types, being able to coexist with several dogs without greater problems.

Another strongpoint of the race is its GOOD HEALTH. In fact he is of the races but longevas that exist, being able to arrive until the 20 years of age. Giving basic cares them, like a correct desparasitación and good hygiene, we will not have to go to the veterinarian except by vaccines and preventive actions.

Perhaps what but it is necessary to watch it is the ears, because they have a certain tendency to the otitis, but is possible to be come up with a good hygiene: shaving of the inner hairs and periodic cleaning of the ear. This health also is reflected at the time of raising. The females stop and raise their puppies without hardly problems. They are wonderful mothers who take care of of their puppies during months if she leaves them.

Its ATTRACTIVE MANTLE, that can be of several colors and tones, can seem something troublesome to maintain but, within this type of races, it is of but easy to take care of, since it is a long hair but of certain hardness, of “goat” they call it. In any case, it is possible to be trimmed to taste of each one for which it does not employ to us.

The SIZE contituye also an aspect very adapted for the owner of lhasa, since we are speaking of a small dog but with the sufficient consistency like being worth by itself in different situations.

In short, all this, together with their enormous BEAUTY, causes that it is a perfect dog to live with him.

It says the legend that gives luck to the people who have them, in any case if you have lhasa already you are lucky