As complement to the deposit we have on watch canine and feline hotel.

Address and management: Virgina and Sergio " Terranova "

It is considered a zone independently and totally fenced. Counts on 14 housings for 1 or 2 dogs:

  • Designed so that easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Cosy of wood dealt and with isolated beds about pvc
  • With automatic water throughs, with which they always have fresh water
  • All of them give a common patio of relaxation where in organized turns they are leaving the day throughout.

For large dogs we have also wide parks with weed and fenced.

As long as it is possible we put the dogs on couple so that are found accompanied.

If the owners want can be brought the house cushion or their/its/your/his preferred toy so that are found better.

The dogs make the same life that ours. Immediately they put in this dynamics, creating a world different from that is customary in their equally pleasant and educative house but for them:

  • Exit for room cleanliness, rest, exit for games, food, finishes exit.
  • The diet is to base of I think, the same that we use for the our.
  • For dogs that eat wrong we mix I think it with flavor cans more attractive, if the dog continues a special diet can be brought. Equally, it is needed some medication are the been able administer

Hours of attention to the public


9 h. 14 h.
16 h. 19 h.

Sundays and holidays

11 h. 13 h.
17 h. a19 h.


Tlno: 618 97 95 47


  • Vaccinations primer to the day:
  • Pavovirosis, moquillo, hepatitis, leptopirosis, rage and cough of perreras.
  • Microchip
  • Correct desparasitacion - pipette or spray antifleas and antigarrapatas

It is cobra as in the hotels of persons:

For night, being covered until the noon (until 14 hours)

Our tariff for 2014 is of 12 € for night