- General Feats..
The biggest terrier slightly compact, stout, muscular, active and strong. Not very long-legged and also without a too long body.
- Features.
Vivid expression, usually waits with expectation and reacts at every movement around him; magnificent personality expressed in the eyes and ears; tail raised.
- Mood.
Sweet natured, unsuspecting and sociable, brave and intelligent. Always on alert, but no agressive or shy.
- Head and skull.
Long and plane skull, not very wide between the ears, slightly narrowing between the eyes, quiteequilibrated with no difference apparently among the head and the snout sides. No wrinkles on the front, stop difficult to be noticeable, simetric cheeks but not full, full and regular snout with very strong muscles in the jaws, with a desiderable appearance of strengh in it. Lips well tighted. Black truffle.
- Eyes.
Dark, small, and non prominent, vivid expresión and a n intelligent bright. Light or protuberant ones are not recommended.
- Ears.
V-shaped on both sides, well-proportioned compared with the dog´s size. Fold line a bit above the level of the skull. Pendular ears or with a higher insertion are not recommed.
- Mouth.
Strong teeth and jaws, bite with a scissor shape, the outer side of the superior incisors brushing the inferior ones, fitting the jaws perfectly. A pincer kind of bite is acceptable. Prognatism are punible.
- Neck.
Well defined, muscular, with an average size and wide, gradually broading to the shoulders. Without double chin.
- Shoulderquarters.
Long shoulders , well inserted backwards, plain blades. Front limbs perfectly straight, with strong bones. The elbows run perpendicular the body.
- Body.
Short strong straight and well leveled back, with no signs of weakness. Muscular back and soft rib cage. In short shaped dogs with good ribs there is little room between ribs and hips. Deep chest, more or less until the level of the elbows , but not wide.
- Hindquarters.
Long and strong thighs, good angles, the back of the knees are short and parallel, balanced and never falling inside or outside.
- Feet.
Small, round and compact, plantar cushions are soft, fingers and phalanxs slightly arched, not going inside or outside.
- Tail.
High insertion and well looking, never arched or falling over the back. Good size and fine appearance.
- Movement.
Front legs are straight and advance forward, back legs with free and parallel movement. When it stops the shoulderquarters must have a straight line with the front and the space between the feet must be at the same distance than the shoulders. The propulsion is provided by the hind quarters.
- Fur.
Hard, thick and wired, not too long as it seems raged, straight and closed covering the whole body and legs. Exterior fur wired, hard, the inner fur softer and shorter. Raged, waved, curly fur is not recommended.
- Colour.
Black or brown on the back, the upper side of the neck and outer part of the tail too. The rest is usually blazing red. Ears usaully darker, and can be some dark shades around the neck and on the sides of the head. Some white locks on the front and chest are acceptable.
- Size.
Males 58-61 cms. Females 56-59. Weight over 23 kgs.
- Defects.
Everything not mencioned befote Hill be considered as a fault, caringits proportion.Males musthave a couple of testicles hanging in the scrotum.
- Character,aptitudes and behaviour.
Sturdy, rustic, brave, bold, persistent, dominant and have verygoodreflexes.Loving and attached to its owners, joyful and playful. Distrustful with strangers but not agressive, a very good keeper. It is necessary give it a good education early.
- Advices.
It gets used to live in the city while it can have daily long walks. It have to be brushed regularly, twice or three times a week and take him to the hairdresser among twice and tour time a year.
- Applications.
Hunting dog. Domestic dog.